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Artichokes at Icy

Artichokes at Icy

We don’t get all that many of them but artichokes are one of the October highlights of our veggie garden at Icy Creek. We grow the standard green ones, and the purple ones, which look spectacular, but tend to be a lot pricklier. The real advantage of growing artichokes is that you can pick them while they’re still small (the ones that make it to the market tend to be much larger), and then there’s a lot less work to do removing the fibrous choke before eating them. And the really young ones don’t need to be cooked at all; just squeeze some lemon juice on them as soon as you open them up, and – providing you pare them close to the heart – you can devour them fresh.


Welcome to Precipice @ Icy Creek

This blog is about a small farm in the rolling hills of West Gippsland, just under two hours east of Melbourne. Precipice is just outside Icy Creek, about 12 minutes up the Baw Baw road from Noojee.

We grow some strange stuff here, so we’re keen to hear from other people who might have tried their luck with chestnuts, jostaberries, perry trees, and a whole range of cider apple trees.

Precipice is also home to a posse of wombats, bandicoots, wallabies, deer, and lyre birds.

This site is maintained by Lawrie Zion, who also coordinates the Journalism program at La Trobe University in Melbourne, and who wrote the documentary The Sounds of Aus, which tells the story of the Australian accent.