Apples and Pears

A wild crab apple tree - the fruit is great for cider
A wild crab apple tree – the fruit is great for cider

We grow a range of apple and pear trees at Icy Creek, including several cider and pear varieties. On the block are also two large crab apple trees, one of which has fruit only slightly tarter than a Granny Smith. Our friend Rob Burgess made some great cider from both of these “wild” trees the summer before last.

The apple and pear trees we’ve planted are located in the orchard paddock, in a cordon next to the vegetable garden, underneath the daffodil paddock. In 2007 we also planted two perry pear trees – a “Green Horse” in the orchard, and a “Gin” on the main trail. And in 2008 we dug in a few more apples trees (see below).

While many of our apple trees have grown with spectacular speed during our damp spring, the only one that’s carrying any fruit as we get to the end of December 2008 is the Akane, which has only been in the ground for two years. I’ve made a deal with all of them: show you’re trying by bearing something edible, and I’ll give you your own page on my blog. Now that’s definitely more carrot than stick, don’t you reckon?

Here’s a list of all the apple trees at Precipice. Some of them are best as dessert apples, while at the other extreme, the fruit on several of the varieties is only viable for cider.

VEGGIE GARDEN (all espaliered)

Cox’s Orange Pippin (2006)

Summer Strawberry (2006)

Stewart’s Seedling (2006)

Akane (2006)


Pomme de Neige (Snow apple) 2005

Peasgood Nonsuch 2004

Granny Smith 2004

Gala (2004)

Stayman Winesap (2004)

Red Fuji (2004)

Improved Foxwhelp (2006)

Reine des Hatives (2006)


Bramley Seedling

Kingston Black

Somerset Redstreak


Grimes Golden

Frequin Rouge Amer

Bulmer’s Norman

Overall, our pear trees have turned out to be far more productive than our apple trees. As well as the aformentioned pair of perries planted in 2007 (Green Horse and Gin), we are also growing:

Packham (2004)

Corella (2004)

Beurre Bosc (2004)

William (2004)


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