A Very Goji Christmas

Goji berry trees on the first day at their new home
Goji berry trees on the first day at their new home

Thanks to a seasonal spending  spree curated by our two Chocolate Labradors, Moose and Elka, our orchard is now home to a pair of goji berry trees. Yes, I know that I have only this week been ruminating about the joys of unfashionability, but every now and then there’s nothing wrong with giving the next big thing a bash, notwithstanding the scepticism that’s been aired about their alleged nutritional value and anti-aging properties (see, for instance, this 2008 Herald Sun article). I’ve never tasted a goji berry, but it the labels on the plant are true then we’ll be able to report back on the part cranberry part cherry-flavoured fruits of this endeavour in a couple of years. In the meantime, Happy Holidays.

One response to “A Very Goji Christmas

  1. I can attest to the beauty of a mature goji berry bush in full bloom and when fruiting. We’ve done two trips to the Indian Himalayas in the last two years and the goji berries have been delicious. No idea whether it was the berries, the generally healthy lifestyle or the lack of internet access, but I definitely feel better for a few weeks up there.

    Hope your farm makes it through this mad fire season Lawrie. Keep those goji and jostaberries coming!

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