Raining pleasure

Cambridge Rival strawberries - clearly they don't mind a good drenchingWe were warned about Icy Creek’s reputation as the Cherrapunji of Victoria, but the last few years there have been disappointingly dry. It seems like we had the highest rainfall in the state, however, on the last Friday night of November (32mm), followed by another 60mm by this morning (Sunday). In the one brief dry interlude I managed to discover some strawberries in the patch that we planted last year – Cambridge Rivals I think. This could also a good place to throw in a gratuitous reference to Barack Obama, just because I want to see if Search Engine Optimization is all it’s cracked up to be for blogs like mine that nobody reads. Notice that I’ve spelt “optimization” with a “z”, not an “s” as we’d normally do in Australia (the country, not the movie), just so I leave nothing to chance.  Also, for those who haven’t heard it, the title of this post is an oblique reference to a masterpiece of 80s understatement from the great Australian band, The Triffids. Now that’s something I bet Sarah Palin didn’t know. 

One response to “Raining pleasure

  1. oh wow these look good. Funnily enough though, I found this via a search for posts tagged “Gippsland,” and can assure you it had nothing to do with the US election! 🙂

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