Perry and Cider

Pear and apple trees at the start of winter this year

It’s great to see an increasing interest in perry and cider in Australia – stories like this piece on ABC’s Landline earlier this year point to the possiblity of a viable boutique industry developing here, although if I’m to believe some of what I’ve read, I’m going to have to wait about 100 years before our two year-old perry trees reach their productive potential. 

We’re already big fans of the produce of Henry of Harcourt  who are also in Victoria, and are keen to hear from anyone who is growing perry trees or apples trees whose fruit has enough tanin to make it suitable for cider. We made some cider last year from the produce of one of our rogue crab apples (the fruit of which is just a bit tarter than a Granny Smith) and we’ve since planted quite a few cider trees, including Improved Foxwhelp,  Bramley’s, Kingston Black, Somerset Redstreak, Grimes Golden, Mutsu, Frequin Rouge Amer, Michelin and Bulmer’s. We’re keen to hear from anyone who has had success with any of these varieties, both in terms of harvesting and cider-making. We can also recomment joining the mailing list of the Cider Digest that is managed by the Talisman Farm’s Cider & Perry webpage.

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